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Delegate the content creation of social media posts, blog articles, newsletters, and other content and free up time from routine marketing tasks with an affordable monthly fee

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Modern marketing delegation service

Already hundreds of companies and marketing agencies are using Smoothly to create content for their marketing channels regularly and smoothly.

Delegate content creation and marketing routines

With Smoothly, you delegate content creation for your preferred marketing channels (blog articles, newsletters, social media channels) to a content creation team that understands your industry. Smoothly's content creators are part of your team, with no additional costs or employer responsibilities.

Flexible and affordable monthly pricing

With a monthly usage-based service fee, you gain access to familiar content creators via structured collaboration model. Our content creators use the most modern tools and technologies to create content and search for information, making the service faster and more affordable than traditional solutions.

Familiar content creators as part of your team

Smoothly already creates content with the help of over 100 passionate and skilled content creators. The Smoothly community is selected from a pool of successful applicants and a team of familiar content creators who understand your business and your needs.

Access the expertise of content creators as a service

Use reliably familiar and skilled content creators to support your marketing and save time and money on time-consuming freelancer sourcing or expensive and time-consuming recruiting.

Onboarding is easy and fast

1. Book a demo

Identify with Smoothly specialist your needs for delegating content creation and marketing routines.

2. Content creators at your service

We'll connect you with a content creator team that meets your needs.

3. Available every weekday

Submit assignments, review content creation and task completion, and communicate with your content creators on the Smoothly platform.

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Over 100 companies are already using Smoothly

Customer testimonials

“By far the easiest way to make your marketing regular and high quality at no extra cost. “

Katja Mustonen Entrepreuneur, RukaKo Oy Travel
Rukaon Katja Mustonen

“With Smoothly, we can regularly and affordably produce high-quality content for various marketing channels with our tone of voice.”

Juho Jokinen Co-Founder, Podit Oy
Poditin Juho Jokinen kaipasi sovelluksen lanseeraukseen avuksi lisäkäsiä markkinointiin.

“Fewer worries in day-to-day marketing, which allows us to focus on developing our business and marketing.”

Henri Hämäläinen A Chief Executive Officer, Contribyte Oy
Contribyten Henri Hämäläinen delegoi markkinointiviestinnän tehtävät Smoothlylle.