What is Smoothly network?

Live a life of your own! Smoothly network brings together marketing and content creators from around the world. You will get to challenge your skills and develop yourself as a content creator, supported by the Smoothly community. Smoothly net-workers get to work for Smoothly clients. The Smoothly service meets customers ’ongoing marketing needs instead of short projects. Each of our content creators has a different skill-set, so no problem is left unsolved – there’s expertise in many different fields!

Smoothly net-workers work as entrepreneurs. You can be an experienced entrepreneur or start your entrepreneurial career by joining the Smoothly network, for example as a light entrepreneur.

Smoothly sisällöntuottajaverkosto auttaa sinua kehittymään sisällöntuottajana.

Entrepreuneur or Freelancer

You are already a content entrepreneur, but you're looking for something we have - like new and interesting clients, an inspiring and supportive community, clarity and ease in your work with our working concept, or a comprehensive range of training.

Part-time worker

You have a job, but you want more flexible and inspiring work to go with it.


Work flexibly for an hour here and an hour there while you study. The field of your studies is irrelevant. In the best case, your studies and your work will support each other.


Smoothlyn sisällöntuottajaverkostossa pääset itse vaikuttamaan kuukausittaiseen työmäärääsi.

How do I know if I'm a content creator?

Characteristics of a content creator include

  • Understanding and practical experience of marketing and content production through your work or personal interests
  • An enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to learn more 
  • A positive approach to client work 
  • A desire to influence your own work
  • You know digital tools like the back of your hand and can quickly learn to use new systems
  • Fluency in Finnish and English
Smoothlyn sisällöntuottajaverkostossa on lukuisia markkinoinnin ammattilaisia auttamassa sinua.

What do you get by joining the Smoothly network?

  • New customers without having to spend time acquiring them
  • A ready-made concept and processes to perform rewarding work efficiently and with quality
  • A ready-made brand without having to create a personal brand: we've proven our expertise for you
  • Smoothly remote community: on our platform you can ask any question about client work, your interests or life in general
  • Smoothly Academy training materials: you'll have access to a huge pool of knowledge to support your work as a content producer
  • Ongoing support from the Smoothly Network Success Team and Customer Success Manager in challenging situations