Henri Hämäläinen

Contribyten Henri Hämäläinen delegoi markkinointiviestinnän tehtävät Smoothlylle.

Contribyte is an expert organization and product development partner that, with 10 years of experience, coaches the product and service organizations of more than 500 companies and their teams to build winning products.


Contribyte specifically sought help with marketing and coordination. They do not have a designated marketing team, leaving many of the day-to-day marketing communications tasks to the core team and management. The team members have a lot of their own customers and things to take care of, so it has been challenging to get the necessary content out and keep the various digital marketing channels running regularly.


Smoothly connected a content creator team to handle the company’s marketing tasks. In the kic-off meeting we developed clear policies for communication, delegation, and secure sharing of tools and passwords to enable the team to execute marketing communications tasks on a routine basis. Contribyte was able to delegate tasks immediately with tools they were already familiar with.


Contribyte’s monthly traffic has increased by 300% during the partnership, including new visitors to the services. The presence of marketing and social media is constantly active and they regularly get content out on various channels, which has multiplied the number of followers.


Concerns about conducting marketing on a regular basis have diminished as the company has received regular monitoring through the service and the execution of marketing is spinning. Contribyte recommends Smoothly to companies that need a cost-effective and flexible service and do not have enough time to complete their marketing tasks on a regular basis.