Juho Jokinen

Poditin Juho Jokinen kaipasi sovelluksen lanseeraukseen avuksi lisäkäsiä markkinointiin.

Podit is a brand new podcast and audiobook application launched in the fall of 2021. To help launch the app, Podit needed extra hands to handle social media, newsletters, websites, and other running things.


Podit is a brand new podcast and audiobook app launched in the fall of 2021. There was a lot of work to be done around the launch that the founders of the start-up did not have time to complete. More hands were needed for routine content creation tasks to save time on other issues related to starting a new business.


Podit got extra hands on marketing to help launch the app. Right from the start of the collaboration, Smoothly’s content creators were delegated a variety of tasks, including managing customer accounts, maintaining social media channels, creating newsletters and blog articles, updating websites, and categorizing and adding audiobooks and podcasts to the platform. As you might have already guessed, the buzz generated by the launch brought more work to both the founders of the start-up company and the content creators.


Podit has been happy with the results, and has delegated more work to Smoothly’s content creators even after the start. Delegating tasks eased their workload and saved a lot of time in taking the new company forward.