Katja Mustonen

Rukaon Katja Mustonen

Rukako rents cottages and apartments in the Rukatunturi area. The company’s selection includes 130 cottages and apartments of various sizes and standards, located close to the Ruka ski center and its services. Rukako took over Smoothly’s service to create regular content for social media channels.


Rukako had an excisting Facebook business page but the use of it was irregular and there was no clear marketing strategy for posting. Before starting with Smoothly, the main emphasis was on newspaper advertising. They wanted to start using digital tools in their marketing. At the beginning of the cooperation we created an Instagram account for Rukako as well as a clear plan for social media.


In the beginning we created a content calendar and a plan for Rukako to maintain regular pace of publication. Also, administrative tasks of social media such as interaction with customers were delegated to Smoothly content creators.


Rukako has got better results wtih the organic posts posted by Smoothly than paid advertisement made by third party. In the future, we will focus on growing the company’s social media channels so that newspaper advertising can be phased out entirely.


Rukako got functional social media channels. The right target group is sought by producing regular content on social media channels. Trending topics have brought additional visibility that have helped Rukako to grow its business. Targeted content has reached both old and new customers in just 6 months.