Copywriting vs. content writing

Copywriting and content writing are marketer's super duo.

Did you know that copywriting and content writing are two entirely different things? These two terms can often be confused, as it can be difficult to tell the difference. In spoken language, they are usually referred to as the same thing. However, on closer examination, the two digital marketing terms are indeed different, and not to be confused with each other.

Copywriting or content writing?

Have you ever come across a salesperson who talks a lot but doesn’t really sell anything? Sometimes it’s necessary to know when to take action and sell your heart out while other times it is best to have a good and long conversation.

In the best scenario, these two styles of digital marketing support each other: a good newsletter takes a reader to a landing page where they read a selling copy and then end up ordering the product or service. Both are important in their own fields, so be sure to have the terms in check.

Copywriting is the salesperson of your online business

Content writing is about creating interesting content.

Content writing satisfies the thirst for information

Content writing is about producing interesting content in the form of images, text, or video. An interesting text or image creates a positive interaction between the company and the target audience. 

Good content is memorable. Content writing serves the needs of the target group and responds to their thirst for information. Content writing is informative, useful, and engaging and it makes the reader spend a lot of time on a website. This style of text is not about getting the reader to act in a particular way, such as buying a product or service – it is about providing value to the customer and thereby increasing customer engagement and raising your company’s ranking in web search results. Content creation is about engaging customers in the long term: good content provides value to the reader and when the need to buy arises, the reader already knows how to navigate to the right page and then remains a long-term customer.

Content writing is: blogs, guides, articles, info-graphics, newsletters, and press releases.

Copywriting guides the reader to purchase.

Copywriting gets the reader to act

In a nutshell copywriting is writing that sells. Copy guides the reader to make a purchase decision, to order a product or service. 

Without thorough background research, copywriting is no different from nothing. Successful copywriting requires an excellent understanding of your customer base and target audience, and the right way to address them. Skillful copy has a psychological impact on people’s minds, removing obstacles to the desire to buy and making the purchase seem like the best option.

Copywriter masters the art of writing with the intent of having a customer take a specific action. Good copy answers the question “How can I persuade someone to buy my product?”.

Copywriting is: commercial pages, landing pages, and advertising on social media, TV, or radio.

Copywriting and content writing are marketer's superduo.

Marketer’s own super duo

Where good copy guides the reader to take the desired action, content writing provides engaging content and boosts your company’s rankings in search engines. Both aim to meet the objectives of the marketing strategy from their own angles. Have you already tested this super duo in your company’s marketing?

The differences between copywriting and content writing.